VARSITY PROTECTION SERVICES has been delivering results since we were established in 2012. Our goal is your safety and to provide a superior customer experience for our clients.

ROBERT BELLO has over 20 years of experience in LAW ENFORCEMENT

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ROBERT BELLO, President and Owner of VARSITY PROTECTION SERVICES, is a retired New York City Police Officer. Throughout his career in law enforcement, Robert was very active, and a highly motivated officer who exemplified the finest qualities of the department. During the course of his career Robert received extensive training in criminal investigations, surveillance, counter surveillance, and threat assessments. As a team leader in an elite plain-clothes unit, ROBERT BELLO excelled in gathering intelligence from the community for criminal activity, as well as confidential informants whom sought him out because of his trustworthiness, and interviewing prisoners for knowledge of other crimes within the city. This dedication to his profession resulted in a drastic reduction in violent crimes and property thefts. Robert received numerous accolades from the Community Council, which he served, as well as numerous citations from the New York State Assembly.


Since retiring from the Police Department ROBERT BELLO has transitioned his experience and work ethic into the Private Security and Private Investigative field. Over the past several years he has served as private security for both current and former Heads of State, as well as foreign dignitaries visiting the United Nations. Varsity Protection Services has provided security for High Profile Celebrities, Fortune 100 CEO’S, and Corporate events. The diverse clientele has allowed Mr. Bello to share his expertise in all facets of high threat level dignitary and executive protection through his large network of national, and international contacts. Mr. Bello has made client safety the utmost-priority of Varsity Protection Services.


The staff of VARSITY PROTECTION SERVICES is comprised of active, retired and former law enforcement, military, medical personnel. His staff has a wide range of expertise in the Investigations, Emergency Response, and Intelligence Operations and is well regarded in the security industry. The backgrounds and training expertise, ensures the staff recognizes potential threats and problems that may arise, and can safely remedy any situation.

ROBERT BELLO will be personally involved in on-site consultation, planning, logistics and daily operations.


Your Safety is Paramount; Varsity Protection is in your corner!

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